Developing Technology Since 1967

Addressing Industrial Challenges through Innovative Solutions

Since our beginnings we have been dedicated to improving the lives of our clients by providing innovative, high quality, and sustainable solutions across various industrial sectors. As our company has diversified, we have remained true to these core principles.


Gabriel Benmayor Lombroso founded the company in 1967, initially focusing on manufacturing machinery and consumables for the jewelry and watch industries. In 1969, the business expanded, and Gabriel Benmayor SA entered the burgeoning electronics market to serve the European PCB manufacturing industry.


In the 80s we started our internationalization attaining presence in the markets of USA, Northern Africa, the Middle and Far East and of course the European Union through our subsidiaries and an extensive network of distributors. Our brand TECHNOSYSTEM developed its own range of automation for PCB manufacturing.


Later, and with eyes always fixed on the future and sustainable development, we broadened our horizons once again, entering a market as interesting and full of possibilities as the solar energy industry, where our brand FREE POWER has already achieved an important presence.


Recognizing the synergies between dental prosthetic laboratories and jewelry workshops, we leveraged our expertise in small and medium jewelry machine manufacturing to create a Dental Division, bringing our seasoned manufacturing perspective to this new field.


In early 2011, BENMAYOR acquired AISMALIBAR's productive unit, its goodwill, and a significant portion of its technical personnel. This acquisition cemented our position as a leader in the electronic laminate supplies market and established us as the only European manufacturer specializing in IMS Aluminum based laminates for printed circuit boards.


Finally, we decided to invest in FLINT FLOOR, a flooring and coverings manufacturer that originated from Aismalibar technicians' research in the 1990s. They developed a unique patented floor with exceptional water, impact, and wear resistance properties. In 2014, FLINT was reborn and entered a new phase, using the original formula that made its floors a true industry milestone.