Quality Policy

We develop, manufacture and market the latest advances in laminates for the production of printed circuit boards. We fulfill our Mission to improve the lives of our clients by providing innovative, high quality, and sustainable solutions. Quality for our customers means they can rely on our products and services to consistently meet their specifications and requirements.

At Aismalibar, engineers and chemists work alongside the sales department developing new proposals for a market in a constant state of evolution. Quality for our colleagues means we take personal ownership to ensure our work meets customer and industry requirements and is error free from design through use.

Our goal is to reduce the operating temperature of electronic components, thus prolonging their useful life and optimizing their performance. The use of our materials guarantees the quality and reliability of the products that incorporate them.

Our production capacity increases every year, and we tenaciously persevere in the search for the most productive alliances between our customers, government, and academic institutions. Quality for regulatory authorities means that we operate at the highest ethical standards and meet or exceed all applicable regulatory requirements.

The objective of the company is to provide customers with the best experience through the efficiency our products and the care of our employees, always striving to fully guarantee our business response capacity. We ensure a guarantee of reliability and service in electronics. Quality for our company means we drive a continuous improvement culture that is enabled by practical process improvement and our company’s quality system.