Desarrollando tecnología desde 1967

Aismalibar experts in thermal management – The expansion of technology into every aspect of our lives requires proper thermal management of integrated electronic components to achieve higher performance and efficiency. 

Specialized in process automation within the PCB industry. Always looking for the optimization of time, adapting our designs to favor the relationship between man-machine and adjusting to the needs of our customers, in space, software and hardware.


At Benmayor Dental, we have everything you need according to your requirements. Our range of clinical and laboratory dentistry items, from high autonomy brush micromotors designed for the most demanding professionals, to implantology equipment with the best quality.


Jewelry Benmayor, the first website in the jewelry sector with highly competitive prices in which we offer a fast delivery service, permanent stock of the best brands and an experienced technical service and after-sale support.

Renewable energies are the future.  Thus, with the purpose of causing the least possible impact on the environment and offering consumers clean and efficient energy, Free Power, S.L. was born.

Flint is relaunched by its creators, using the original formula with a new unique, patented material with exceptional characteristics in terms of water, impact and ageing resistance.