The IDAE has published an informative note in which it reviews the current legislation, in relation to the production of electrical energy from renewable technologies destined totally or partially for self-consumption or own consumption.

After analyzing in the news titled What is the Procedure to legalize a photovoltaic installation for Self-consumption? + info here, We must indicate that according to the IDAE, the current regulatory framework allows for installations intended for production for total or partial self-consumption of energy, in a completely legal way, with numerous references in all applicable regulations, including Law 54/1997 on the electricity sector, although under the special or ordinary regime for the production of electrical energy.

Production for self-consumption under the special or ordinary regime could change in the future, if self-consumption is regulated through procedures such as the so-called “net balance” of compensation for energy balances, which would allow this production activity for self-consumption by of the consumer outside the regime of production of electrical energy.

The connection in the internal network is necessary for self-consumption to occur, therefore any reference in the regulations to self-consumption must be understood as referring to installations connected in the internal network.

In order for the energy produced to be self-consuming, the connection must be made downstream of the meter that measures the energy supplied by the distribution network. The capacity or not of the network to support the connection is evaluated based on the forecast of surpluses of the autogenerator, and these are the same if the installation is connected downstream or upstream of the supply meter. The connection downstream of the supply meter does not present any technical problem, since it does not affect the energy flows, which depend on the loads downstream and upstream of the connection point.

For installations of power not exceeding 100 kW, the connection in internal networks is regulated together with the connection to the distribution network in RD 1699/2011.

For installations with power greater than 100 kW, the grid connection procedures are described in RD 1955/2000.