Discover new vehicles with Aismalibar materials at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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January 2017 – AISMALIBAR invites you to discover the new vehicle models at the North American International Auto Show that use Cobritherm Ultra-Thin and Flextherm Insulated Metal Substrates in their lighting systems. Some of the vehicles on display with our Aismalibar products are Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Ford Edge, BMW 6 and 7 Series, Audi Q3 and Q5 and VW Touran. The North American International Auto Show is held in Detroit, Michigan from January 8 to 22, 2017. Jeff Brandman, President of North America adds: “We are very pleased to see the newest Aismalibar products on display as part of the systems of state-of-the-art automotive lighting from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. The North American International Auto Showin Detroit is the premier event for the automotive industry and we are proud to see our products hit the floor at the consumer level. ” Our Cobritherm Ultra-Thin material has an innovative Ultra-Thin dielectric coating that provides increased thermal performance and an excellent working temperature. With a thickness of only 35 microns, this new product reduces thermal resistance to 0.10 Kcm / W (0.17 Kinch / W), which offers excellent heat dissipation conditions for mounting high-power LEDs. For its part, Flextherm is ideal for the manufacture of conformable metal printed circuit boards.

It can be folded after production while maintaining the initial dielectric strength between its conductive layers (Al and Cu). The flexible properties of this material allow it to adapt to both positive and negative radii, allowing the product to adapt to the demands of increasingly complex MPCB designs.

The entire Cobritherm range has passed 100% of all control tests. AISMALIBAR tests the insulation between the copper and aluminum layers under high voltage. Cobritherm Ultra-Thin 35 Microns passes hi-pot tests at 1000 VDC power

Cobritherm has been approved by the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers with a focus on the automotive, lighting and power electronics industries. It has collected excellent results in resistance tests and has UL recognition as one of the best insulated metal substrates after 60,000 hours.