Aismalibar has begun operations at its new plant located in Barcelona, Spain. The new plant has a pressing capacity of 500,000 square meters of insulated metal substrate (IMS). It is equipped with the most modern automation systems drastically reducing the man power involved in operations. The new facility will also be home to Aismalibar’s new R&D center. With this new plant Aismalibar becomes an industry leader as the first IMS manufacturer in Europe to focus on servicing quick-turn and prototype business in both the European and U.S. markets.

Gabriel Benmayor SA acquired Aismalibar in March 2011 with the aim of taking their full range of products worldwide. Aismalibar is a first class Metal CCL producer in Europe. Its product IMS Cobritherm® is a qualified and recognized IMS which gives the best thermal management solutions with a high thermal conductivity, low thermal impedance, high dielectric capacity and is 100% proof tested. IMS Cobritherm is composed of an aluminium sheet, a ceramic filled epoxy resin, and a copper foil. It has been one of the first producers of metal clad in the world and the first in Europe.

Aismalibar Copper clad laminates are the base materials for the most qualified PCBs in several applications such as automotive, LED, electronic components, power circuitry, power supplies, and electro -echnical. Among its portfolio there are recognized products such as Heavy Copper composite laminates, CEM-1 and CEM-3 with rolled annealed (RA) copper foil over 200 micron, 210 and 400 micron, suitable for many automotive applications, CEM-1 high CTI laminates suitable for lead free soldering which fulfils with the RoHS directive requirements, CEM-3 and FR-4 laminates for PCBs and pre-preg for multilayer applications with logos VR® and IGAV® applying all homologations and certifications: UL, BSI, VDE, SGS.