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About Aismalibar

AISMALIBAR was one of the first IMS laminate manufacturers in the world and was the first in Europe.

AISMALIBAR product IMS Cobritherm ® is a qualified and recognized Insulated Metal Substrate which gives the best thermal management solutions with high thermal conductivity, low thermal impedance and high dielectric capacity.

AISMALIBAR has implement a 100% proof test with 1-3KV (High Pot Test) to all IMS laminates coming out of their plant. This is the only way to insure the dialectical strength is perfect and that production problems are detected before PCBs arrive to the end user.

Aismalibar has a wide range of products including double sided, multilayer and a conformable material called Flextherm.  Our standard materials can help you come in on budget while our high end materials can give you the extra life and thermal performance you need in your high end LED applications