Aismalibar lanzará FASTHERM en Productronica del 10 al 13 de Noviembre de 2015 en Munich, Alemania

Octubre de 2015 – Aismalibar se complace en anunciar su presencia en la feria Productronica en Munich, Alemania, del 10 al 13 de Noviembre. Productronica es el principal escaparate de fabricación electrónica en Europa. Aismalibar se puede encontrar en HALL B-1 STAND 350 y anima a todos a venir a ver sus soluciones de gestión térmica de vanguardia.

Aismalibar presentará el  FASTHERM, su más reciente IMS de alta tecnología. FASTHERM ha sido desarrollado por Aismalíbar para lograr una transición térmica más rápida del pad térmico del LED hacia el disipador de calor.

Esta transición térmica superior se puede lograr mediante el uso de toda la gama de productos HTC COBRITHERM ya sea con una base de cobre o de cobre / aluminio. Mediante el uso de la gama Aismalíbar HTC COBRITHERM junto con la tecnología FASTHERM ,los LEDs operan a una temperatura de 30ºC a 50ºC inferior, debido a la transición térmica directa del pad térmico hacia el disipador de calor.

El Director Gerente, Eduardo Benmayor afirma: “Estamos muy contentos de participar en Productronica 2015 y con el lanzamiento de nuestro nuevo FASTHERM Techonology. La industria de PCB siempre se está moviendo muy rápido y estamos determinados a continuar posicionándonos como una empresa líder en soluciones térmicas “.

AISMALIBAR ramps up production of Bond Sheet Prepreg and Thin Lam Cores

AISMALIBAR ramps up production of Bond Sheet Prepreg and Thin Lam Cores


AISMALIBAR has increased production of their HTC Bond Sheet Prepreg and Thin Lam Cores. Customers have been using HTC Bond Sheets to connect cutting edge high power LEDs mounted on MPCBs to heat sinks to allow for superior heat dissipation. They are also using both the Bond Sheets and Thin Lam together to press custom IMS multilayer builds providing industry leading dielectric strength, thermal conductivity and thermal lifespan.


Jeff Brandman, President of Aismalibar North America, says “We are excited to see our customers use our Bond Sheets and Thin Lam in creative ways to build new products. Our customers continue to find innovative applications for these high performance materials.”


HTC Bond Sheets are a B-Stage glass reinforced dielectric prepreg with a high thermal conductivity. They are created with an epoxy ceramic chemistry and are intended for the effective bonding between PCBs and heat sinks.


HTC Thin Lam is a double-sided copper clad thin laminate composed of a thermally conductive polymeric glass reinforced prepreg used to produce double sided and multilayer PCBs. The Thin Lam typically bonds to a metal heat dissipater using standard multilayer lamination processes with HTC Bond Sheets.


As the dielectric layers get reduced, testing electric insulation becomes more important. It is a regular policy at AISMALIBAR to realize constant quality control standards in order to high pot test 100% of the substrates before delivery to end users. This guarantees the dielectric insulation of the copper and aluminium conductive layers.


Cobritherm has been approved by top OEMs around the world with a focus on the automotive, lighting and power electronics industries. It has collected excellent results in endurance testing and has the UL Recognition as one of the best Insulated Metal Substrates after 60,000 hours.


About Aismalibar


AISMALIBAR was one of the first IMS laminate manufacturers in the world and was the first in Europe. AISMALIBAR is proud to introduce their material to the North American market in 2012. Their product IMS Cobritherm ® is a qualified and recognized Insulated Metal Substrate which gives the best thermal management solutions with high thermal conductivity, low thermal impedance and high dielectric capacity. AISMALIBAR has implement a 100% proof test with 1-3KV (High Pot Test) to all IMS laminates coming out of their plant. This is the only way to insure the dialectical strength is perfect and that production problems are detected before PCBs arrive to the end user.